• Suzanne Banister

Your child wants a face paint, things to consider.

As a professional face painter I have painted hundreds of faces over the years. There are the ever popular designs like butterflies, Spiderman and the very popular unicorn!! But I have also had some extremely strange requests like a washing machine and just this last weekend and little boy wanted a leaf painted on his face!

Based on my experiences of having many many different requests, I thought I would share a few tips of things that you might want to think about whilst you are waiting in line with your child to get a face paint.

My first tip would be that if it is going to be your child's first ever face paint, don't go with something very complicated. This is because the first face paint can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. There are many different elements to a face paint that a child might find a bit difficult to cope with. The wet sponge, the Brush that is very ticklish and being close to the child's eyes are all things that they might find a little bit of a struggle. Also, very young children find it difficult to sit still for any length of time. So for the first paint, it is better to keep to a simpler design which doesn't take too long. Normally after children have had their faces painted once and know what to expect and the second time is a much easier experience.

My second tip is very similar to the first tip. If your child hasn't had their face painted before or very often, I would recommend staying away from designs that take a lot of brush work around the eyes. The Spiderman face paint is a very very popular design with young boys, but it does require a lot of sponge and brush work around the eyes. Additionally, what is painted on has to also be washed off! I know from my experiences with my own children, that washing off face paint from around the eye area can be a challenge!

The third tip is to think about the size and shape of your child's face. For example some children have great forehead for painting designs on, but other children have very small foreheads or low hairlines which makes it very difficult to paint anything very detailed. So when your child is talking about a design that they would like, think about where it can be placed on your child's face.

My final tip is about when the child is actually sitting in the chair to be face painted. Some parents like to keep talking to their children whilst they are having their faces painted, as they believe it will help to keep the child calm. However, a child who is nodding or speaking in reaction to an adult who has asked a question can result in face paint ending up where it shouldn't. So it is best to let only the face painter communicate with the child during the actual painting.

I hope that these tips will help you to come away from visiting a face painter with a lovely design that puts big smiles on your and your child's faces for the rest of the day



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