About Face Painting

Face painting can be provided for parties, weddings, fun days, fetes promotional events
and corporate bookings. Whether it be a butterfly, dragon, unicorn or knight,
there will be a face paint sure to keep the children and parents happy.


The face paint used is professional water based make up, which conforms to EU/FDA regulations. Face paint manufacturers state that their products are not recommended for children under 3 years of age. This is to prevent any reactions occurring to young delicate skin and possibly causing skin allergies later in life. We are therefore unable to face paint children under 3. For children over 2 who want to have something painted, we can offer a small design on their arm.


Unfortunately, face painters will not paint anyone with a skin complaint, cold sore, conjunctivitis, chicken pox, head lice or any open wound. Children's faces must clean and any noses wiped before painting. This is to prevent cross infection and to protect everyone who is enjoying the face painting experience. If you have sensitive skin, it is not advisable to be painted. Face painting should be a pleasurable experience. Therefore, we will not paint children who have to be forcibly held still or anyone who does not want to be painted. 

Face Paint Removal

The best way to remove face paint is to use a wet flannel to wipe most of the paint off first.  Then use a flannel with ordinary soap on and then rinse. Do not use baby wipes as they can set the paint on the skin, causing it to stain. Some colours (green, blue, red & purple) can leave a slight stain on the skin after removal. This should only last a day and should come off after a second wash.


Why choose a Professional Face Painter?

If you are going to hire a face painter, paying a little extra to hire a quality professional face painter will make a difference. It will ensure a certain standard of the faces painted, it will also ensure that top quality products are used.


A professional face painter will use water based paints specifically manufactured for the purpose of face and body painting.  They will conform will EEC regulations, which means that they will have gone through rigorous testing and will not include anything that can be harmful.  In addition, your face painter will have a wide spectrum of colours, including one stroke paints.  Also, glitters, glitter gels and powders which can all be used to give a much higher quality face paint.  Their kit will also be well maintained, with paints, brushes and sponges being thoroughly cleaned after each event, to prevent potential cross infection.


When enquiring about a face painter, do ask to see a few different examples of their work.  Ensure that you are aware of the quality of the painting that you can expect.  A professional face painter should hold Public Liability Insurance. This ensures that if something gets broken or someone gets injured, that there will insurance to pay for it

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